Malta Comic Con!

Between the 2nd and 3rd December 2017, Malta held its ninth Comic Con. This was my first time going, and guess what? This girl actually COSPLAYED! Yes that’s right, I cosplayed! And I met a celebrity, who happens to be Maltese! This post is all about my costume, make-up and the stand I’ve been, and the surprising and laidback encounter with a local…

My Costume!

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I dressed up as the badass that is Ellen Ripley from the ‘Alien’ franchise, who was played by Sigourney Weaver. I’ve always looked up to the character as she portrays a woman who is not arm candy or a sidekick in the action-packed franchise. She is her own badass person.

I got this costume online. I paired up with white Converse and a plain white tank top underneath the jumpsuit.



Hair & Make-Up

For my hair, I didn’t do much. It slipped my mind to buy a wig to really get into character. since her hair is quite shabby, all I did was wash it and let it air dry, and applied some setting spray to leave it that way for the rest of the day.

For my make-up, I left it quite simple. I first applied some Max Factor primer, and then foundation from the same brand and Rimmel matte pressed powder, and just filled in my eyebrows with the Make-Up Studio brow powder.



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I was walking around too much to take that many photos. There were so many wickedly interesting exhibitions: figurines, drawings, paintings, games, books, and so much more!

Chance encounter!


The pint-sized pixie-haired girl in the middle is Marama Corlett, a Maltese-born actress who starred in several international projects like Guardians of the Galaxy (YES) and Sinbad (yep, yep), and has recently starred in the SyFy series Blood Drive as Aki and British comedy series Sick Note as Linda alongside Rupert Grint (yes, she shares screen time with RON FREAKING WEASLEY) and Nick Frost.

She was super duper nice and talked in Maltese the whole time. She signed not one but TWO postcard for me and my bestfriend, followed us both in Instagram and sent us all the photos she took of us together. Not only that, she even took a video of ourselves to her Blood Drive co-star Colin Cunningham, who plays the mysterious Slink, on the spot!

Overall, the day could not have gone better than it did. I had fun AND bought several goodies from there – two Funko Pops, card games and some presents to name a few! – and will most definitely go again next year.

2 thoughts on “Malta Comic Con!

  1. This is amazing! As a fellow nerd I’m so jealous. Where I’m from we have one small con each year but it’s not that great. I’d love to go to Comic Con one day, or Dragon Con in Georgia.
    A girl can dream!

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