My blog’s doing well, thank you very much. #ClaireRANTS

What better way to start the month of November than a mini rant? Anything, probably. But this is something that has to be said, and had to be said a long time ago, but I wanted to assess the whole situation before I said something.

So remember the time when my blog was relevant? Hahaha, neither do I… but I did enjoy my 5 minutes of so-called fame. For a while, I was relevant. I was getting messages from complete strangers  seeking advice and praising me for being so brave and public about my mental health illnesses.

Now, I’m lucky if I get a like or comment. I know I’m no Tamara Webb or Daniel Azzopardi (names synonymous with local blogging royalty); I’m not fashionable or drop dead gorgeous, or remotely popular. But I wanted that fame. Not for the reasons you might think though! I don’t want money or my name in some top ten list.

I want to be famous
to raise awareness.

Even despite having people talking about me within blogging – that is, the numerous blogging award nominated in – the awareness on my behalf has died down a bit. But I won’t let this stop me.

On the other hand, I’m doing fine. My blog is okay. No I’m not popular – if anything, barely anyone is following me. My social media counts have gone down dramatically.

But I’m okay. Both my blog and I. We’re okay.

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3 thoughts on “My blog’s doing well, thank you very much. #ClaireRANTS

  1. Your blog is still relevant and I love reading! I don’t always have the time to comment, but I do really enjoy your posts ❤ Keep sharing because the stories you tell are so important to so many people out there!


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