Storytime: A Premonition?

Greetings, and happy Halloween to those who celebrate the day! Welcome to my second storytime. If you like these type of posts, let me know by liking/commenting, it would make me super happy! So today’s storytime took place in June, but I’m posting this as a Halloween special because it’s… unexplainable and a bit creepy and scary. So sit back and enjoy!

Before you say anything in the comments, know that I have no idea what this experience was – and still don’t – so let’s call it a premonition. If otherwise, please, for my sake, let me know, but it for sure isn’t a vision. We’ll see…

The date was June 8th 2011. I was sick with a really bad virus which started in late May. I had the highest fever I ever had at the time. Since I was sick, I would leave my bedroom door open just in case I was feeling sick and needed to rush across the hall to the bathroom. At around 2:45am, my mum came to check on me and placed a bottle of water on my desk next to my bed. She then went to the bathroom and back to her room. Before she left, she came to check on me one last time, placing a cold face cloth on my forehead. My eyes were barely open – I wasn’t sleepy but super tired – but somehow, I managed to close my eyes completely and drifted to sleep.

After a while, I opened my eyes. The digital clock read 3:00 AM. Now if you’re a pro in these things, or do not lack common sense, you know that the batshit crazy things happen in this hour. Watch any horror movie for reference.

Outside my door, I saw the silhouette of a man At first glance, he looked like my dad, but as my eyes got familiar with the darkness of my room, it did not look like my dad. The man was shorter and more bulky.

“Dad?” Heck, I had a fever of over 100 degrees Celsius. My mind was foggy as heck.

The man shook his head and asked, “On a scale from 1 to 10, how was your dad so far?”

I froze. That was an inside joke only my uncle and I had. But what was he doing outside my bedroom door at 3 in the morning? At that time, he was in hospital. When I was about to reply, I looked away for a split of a second, and when I looked back at the open door, but he was gone. I frowned, but didn’t think too much of it at the time and tried going back to sleep.

The next day, I didn’t tell anyone about it. Nor did I have the chance. My sister was at University, and my parents were visiting said uncle in hospital as he was not doing too well.

I was studying History – a subject he was quite passionate about, and more often than not our topic of discussion every Sunday at Nana – when my mum called.

“Uncle Bert died.” I was numb. But I felt cold all over as soon as I glanced at the digital clock.

3:00 PM. 12 hours after I saw him outside my bedroom door.

Sooo that happened. How would you feel if this happened to YOU? Because after I added things up, I ended up physically sick to my stomach and scared. Would you call this a premonition? Or a paranormal experience?

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