REVIEW: Holler and Glow purrfect pedi Sock Mask

Why hello there! Hope your September is going good like mine so far! I have two weeks until I start my new job, so I have some time to kill… which I can do by reviewing some products! So sit back and enjoy the fails!

Today we will be reviewing the
Holler and Glow purrfect pedi Sock Mask

which I got from Primark at just £4.


First impressions are how insanely pink the packaging is. I hate this kind of pink, so let’s hope the products gives it justice. It says that the sock mask will “magically remove and smooth calluses and rough skin”. TMI moment, but ever since I started working out more, I’ve been having really bad callus, so this better be freaking good for my poor feet!

It contains one pair, so for £4 it’s a bit too expensive I guess, but it’s Primark. Nothing is ever expensive there.

The instructions say you need to cleanse and dry feet before use. There is a tab with which you secure the slippers around the ankles, which is good for the small ankled people like myself. You then wear for 60-90 minutes, and dead skin will start peeling away within 7-10 days of application (thus the dates on the post).

It was a struggle to open the packaging – had to use scissors. Now that either means the packaging is suck-sih, or I have the body strength of a nut.

This is what they look like. I love the blue background with the leopard print!!!

Then came the actual struggle to put the socks on. There was no opening at the top, so I had t once again use my friends The Scissor Brothers to put a line just above the seal (the white strip in the photo). I laughed so hard when I put them in I woke up my parents (sorry guys!). It felt mushy and wet and cold and… *Miranda Hart voice* moist. Very. Very. Moist.

I will get back to you all in seven to ten days!


It’s a day later, and I can actually feel my feet being flaky, which is the soft feet starting to emerge… that is, after my fugly callus feet are all peeled off! I think this foot mask might actually work! Will keep you updated!


Sooooooo it’s exactly ten days since I tried this product and, honestly, I’m a tad bit disappointed. At one point, it felt like it was working and I was like “Wow… I might need to stock up on these!” and then, the hard skin happened. I had to use this thing to smoothen the skin. No peeling happened. I tried quickening the process, like the instructions said, by rubbing a washcloth to the bottom of my feet on the stubborn affected area and still nothing!

Final verdict…


Do I recommend this product? Heck to the no. But it was a true laugh slipping every half step I took from my room to the bathroom to remove everything, and it took me a full two minutes to get there… My bathroom, by the way, is just three steps away from my room.

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