REVIEW: Charcoal Teeth Whitening 2/5

I have been absent for a few days doing my thing but I’m finally back with another review! Today I tried the Charcoal Teeth Whitener, which I got from, and… heh, it was an interesting experience to say the least. I have some things to say about this, so let’s see the verdict!

Screenshot 2017-09-17 18.23.06
Toothbrush – Flying Tiger

I posted this photo a couple days ago and you responded! You wanted me to review this!

And boy did I deliver… kind of.

Today I had some time to kill and decided to give it a try for your entertainment. I opened everything and… the disappointment started.


The tub was more than half empty already despite being wrapped in plastic. And that lost a point for me. Another thing was that there were no instructions as to how to use it, so I had to watch several videos online.


These are my… close to not-so decent teeth… before I used the product. After I washed my teeth. As you can see, my teeth are a bit yellow. That’s from the amount of tea I drink. And for some reason, when I smile, my jaw tilts to one side; this is one of the 24 pictures I took where my jaw looks okay-ish.

And so the process begins…!

First thing you do (after, of course, washing your pearly soon-to-be whites), is to put the brush under some water and then dip into the tub. Guys, this process is very very VERY messy. My hands were filled with black charcoal all over and I didn’t want to spoil my phone for photos.

The videos I saw said to rinse for 3 minutes straight. I barely did half that time. I spat everything out… and continued to spend close to FIVE minutes cleaning the sink and toothbrush.

Complete. Mess.

On the other hand…


My pearlies are, well, very white. Or, at least, whiter than they were before I used the charcoal. So that is a positive thing about this review (I promise I’m not this pessimistic!).


I’ll give it a 2 for the great results. -1 for being barely half full, -1 for being messy and -1 for lack of instructions. Do I recommend you use this product? Well… you can try. And also if you love your bathroom looking pristine, then don’t.


This is NOT in any way a review of the website I bought this from. Just the product, okay? The people over at are the absolute bomb and I love them.

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