Hello my beautiful friends! Today is a very exciting day because I have received a few packages from my friends at! As you may remember, a while ago, I put together my own Wishlist in collaboration with this website.

My order was placed sometime around 29th August, and all arrived today together, which is not a bad waiting time considering they’re from a completely different continent! Everything was wrapped up securely, nothing came broken, but on top of all, the communication and customer service with the staff was extremely good. They were helpful and answered any questions and queries I had.

Let’s take a look at the list!

The first item I opened was what I was looking forward to the most, and it is these Steampunk sunglasses, which cost €8.45. I chose style #3 – blue, black and gold – because I absolutely LOVE sunglasses with blue lenses. I cannot wait to shoot some lookbooks with these glasses!

Featuring my messy-ass of a room!
Side view (yes, was watching a Youtube video!)

Next up is this very cute and chic multilayer necklace at €6.76. I love the pendants, which are a star, a feather, cross and what looks like an evil eye type thing in emerald green. I love how it layers down my neck and am already in love with it.

I then got this charcoal teeth whitening tub which was €8.45. I seriously look forward to reviewing this item because I’ve heard mixed reviews on the charcoal teeth whiteners. This didn’t come with a toothbrush, so I’ll have to get a new one just for this!

Watch out for a review of this product in the future…!

Something that I got which was not part of the original wishlist is this golden body chain with tiny pearls at the centre, which cost just €3.34. I am yet to find out how it is put on so please bare with me while I learn!

Full (partially tangled) size
Closer look…

I was also asked to have this item, which I found really funny since I don’t drive (yet!!!!!!), but hopefully it will find its place somewhere to show people what type of person/driver I am 😉


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