PSA// I am doing a thing!

I didn’t know what else to write as a title so as to give away little to nothing as to what I am currently up to, but here we are! I have hinted at this for the longest of time, but I’ve finally put some work on said ‘thing’, and I can FINALLY talk about it!



I am writing a BOOK!

I know, I know – You have no idea what you’re doing, Claire!, or You’re one of those bloggers trying their hand at writing an actual book!

I am more than aware of this; I have said this time and time again about writing a book to help others with depression and telling my story, blah blah blah, usual crud really, but it’s what I want to do to spread awareness on mental health. Some do it by song, and others… me… want to do it by writing a book.

I will be asking for suggestions from fellow sufferers and the professionals who have helped me recover so it won’t be a one-sided story. I will also be – hopefully – including other experiences from other people as everyone experiences mental health problems differently.

I hope you will embark on this wonderful journey with me, and give me advice (I’m always open for that) and criticism (as long as it’s constructive, then yes please!).

And that is basically what I wanted to say! Thank you for listening

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