REVIEW: Leaders Cosmetics USA Aloe Soothing Renewal Mask 3/5

Greetings! Today’s quite sunny here in Malta, and what better way to spend a nice, relaxing Sunday than to try a mask? Today, I will be trying the Aloe Soothing Renewal Mask by Leaders Cosmetics USA.

Image result for leaders usa aloe soothing renewal mask

As it says on the front, it is free from:

  • Mineral oil
  • Paraben
  • Silicon, and
  • Artificial pigments

As if this wasn’t awesome enough, it is also cruelty-free! It also provides a rich moisture to the face, and an immediate soothing effect to sensitive skin (which is what I need right now!).

Instructions are pretty simple:

  1. Clean and dry face
  2. Remove mask from package and unfold gently
  3. Place mask on skin and contour it to fit the curves around the eyse, nose and mouth
  4. Leave for 10-20 minutes
  5. Remove mask and gently pat the face with the fingertips until the remaining serum is fully absorbed

Once put on:

Upon taking out the mask, it took me over a minute (not exaggerating) to unfold the mask. Upside? It smells so effing gooooood! Downside? It is VERY slippery, even on my face!

25 minutes later:

I left it for an extra 5 minutes to be on the safe side (as I do), and once I took it off, my face was very wet and moist from the serum left from the mask, but my skin was soft at the same time. So, as the instructions said, I gently patted my face with my fingertips to set the serum in.

The end result:


Putting my ugly features aside, you can immediately tell how shiny my face looks. That would be the result of the serum. Overall, I love the smell and how my face feels right now!


Despite the very nice after-effect and equally nice smell, I’m going to have to give this mask a 3/5. I deducted two points because of its stickiness and slipperiness. But other than that, I recommend this mask for a smooth face.

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