Mazia’s Favourites Subscription Box – UNBOXING

Greeting my beautiful friends!
It’s raining right now in my home country, and what better way to spend time indoors
than to unbox Marzia’s Limited Edition SUMMER FAVES BOX?
I love Marzia a lot; her style is very similar to mine – cute and girly yet comfy and sporty at the same time – and she is downright beautiful.

I have received another one of her subscription boxes in the past, and was really looking forward to trying this one. Let’s see what’s inside shall we?

At first glance, the box looks nothing much; just a white cardboard box with a floral sticker at the top. But the excitement came when I finally opened the box…!

I only tried three of the products in the box, here’s a small review of them…

First thing I tried was the Colour Pop Pressed Powder in the shade ‘Come and Get It’.
I loved its smooth texture, and rose gold is one of my current favourite colours to wear
in terms of makeup and jewellery, so that was a plus! 

I also tried the Honest Beauty Truly Kissable Sheer Lip Crayon in the shade Chestnut Kiss. I loved the fact that it’s a crayon and the texture was very smooth,
and the colour is what I’d been looking for for a long time!
I then found out it’s Jessica Alba’s makeup line… as if I wasn’t in love with it before!!!

The brand, the packaging… I love it alllllllllll!

The last thing I tried was the Marc Jacobs mascara.
It’s designer, shaped like a hexagon tube and not very splodgy whenever I blinked!
And did I say this is Marc Jacobs???

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