London Beauty Haul

Greeting my beautiful friends! I may have been back two whole weeks but I never really had the energy to actually put this post together for you. I’m sorry. I was feeling very depressed, and all I wrote were depressing posts or ones that were written ages ago and just proofread and published, and the heatwave (nicely named Lucifer, and I am not making this up!) in Malta didn’t help either.

But I’m back to being myself now, and cannot wait what beauty products I bought when I was in London…

  1. * The first thing I got was a hair mask from Dorothy Perkins. It is a 2-part mask. Part 1 is the deep conditioning treatment, and the second part is a hair retaining cap, which I guess could be used as a shower cap
  2. I also bought this beautiful self-journal from Paperchase. It’s not exactly related to beauty, but it IS related to mental and emotional beauty, which is why I included it here on the list
  3. * This was probably one of those products I have heard too much about and never really got the chance of buying since I couldn’t find it in my country, and it is the  POREfessional Face Primer by Benefit from Boots
  4. I bought a cosmetics organiser from Primark (couldn’t find it online  so I found the next best thing). I got it in black to match my bedroom surfaces
  5. I loved this swatch from a Youtube video, and it’s of the Dandelion Twinkl Powder Highlighter by Benefit from Boots. I loved everything from the packaging to the texture and colour
  6. Hands down the most expensive thing on my list is the Kat Von D perfume, Sinner, from Debenhams. According to the sales consultant that served me that day, the perfume is not sold out ANYWHERE at the moment, and it was the Oxford Street Debenhams which is the first to sell it.. Apart from the aesthetically pleasing bottle, the smell was unlike any of my perfumes, as it is very spicy. There is a “good side” perfume, nicely named Saint. Same bottle, just white and the smell is sweeter
  7. Another Kat Von D product from Debenhams on the list (and lot the last one, guaranteed)  is the Kat Von D x Too Faced Cheek & Lip Make-Up set. These two, let me tell you… are a match made in heaven
  8. From the Boots store at the Heathrow departures lounge, I got the Simple cleansing travel wipes. It only had seven wipes, but as soon as I arrived in Malta, I bought the 25 pack because they were that good
  9. * Next up is the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Leave-In Treatment from Boots. I have thus far used it around twice or three times already. It smells really good and I think my hair has grown an inch or two since starting using it!
  10. The first product by Soap & Glory on the list is the hair turban, which I got from Boots (as you do) and it is a lifesaver for my hair! Not only does it stay put on my head when I wrap it round my hair, but it makes my hair wavy-ish… and it STAYS like that! Godsent! 10/10!
  11. Second Soap & Glory product, which is also from Boots, is the Hand Haid Travel Hand Gel, which smells DIVINE!
  12. The last Soap & Glory product on the list is this eye mask from Boots
  13. Kat Von D from Debenhams… again! This time it’s the Everlasting Lipstick in the shade Lolita I
  14. * I am really looking forward to trying this ka-BROW! Eyebrow cream-gel from Boots. I love the bottle first off, and then the colour and texture is so nice and pretty!
  15. From Primark, I got this 2-pack tweezer set from Primark. It has ‘mermazing’ written on it and the scaly blue/green-ish pattern associated with mermaids, which was why I bought this set
  16. * Also from Primark I got the Holler and Glow Intensive Foot Mask, which I am really looking forward to use!…
  17. * … and this Holler and Glow Hand Mask, also from Primark
  18. * Last product from Boots (I promise!) at Heathrow Departures is the Soap & Glory Rushower Dry Shampoo. It was travel size – at just 50ml – and I’ve wanted to try dry shampoos for ages, so I got two!
  19. And last but not least, are the telephone hair band sets from Primark. Picture 19 are the scented ones, that smell like tropical fruits, and #20 are the normal ones, both of which I wanted and have over 20 of at home!

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And that’s basically it, I guess 🙂

As you may have noticed (I hope you did btw!) some have an asterix at the beginning of the sentence. That means if I get a maximum of FIVE comments on this post, I will do a review and/or make-up look (attempt it, at least, since I have no clue how to apply makeup!) of ALL the products with an asterisk 😉 If not, well… I would have expected it.

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7 thoughts on “London Beauty Haul”

    1. I cannot wait to do a complete makeup look with the makeup I bought! I spent an hour just to decide what to get from Kat Von D’s makeup because all the colours and products were incredible ❤


  1. Yesss Paperchase is amazing but also dangerous to walk into without coming out with brand new stationary 😀 I’d love to hear about that dry shampoo! I’m a big fan of Batiste and Kloraine, but would like to know more about some other brands!

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