Dim the Spotlight on… Chester Bennington [#3]


If the previous DtSo post was tough to write, then this one is a hundred times tougher. I found out about Chester’s demise during the Hamlet intermission last Thursday… so that’s one whole week of research upon research. I saved and bookmarked up to thirty – yes, thirty! – articles. Despite the fact that I knew about the singer’s turbulent past, I still wanted to base this post on more facts that you might not have been aware of.

Warning: A very long post is ahead of you, you’ve been warned.

As usual, I start with my experience related to the protagonist. I remember Linkin Park’s first album being released like it was yesterday even though it was back in 2000. 2000! Like, I was 6 years old! I always remained loyal to the band, even through their change in genres, which has been explained by band member and co-founder of the band, Mike Shinoda, as the band experimenting with different genres they loved and also to be “relevant” to current generations.

Let’s start with the past…

The 41-year-old had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years and said he had suicidal ideations after being abused as a child by an older man.

The confusing and complex emotions that often come with experiences like Bennington’s are sometimes impossible to understand, and yet, the singer repeatedly described his feelings in beautiful, heartbreaking, sometimes angsty and therapeutic songs — ones that resonated with millions. It seems while he dealt with his own pain, he helped people around the world make sense of and cope with their own.

Let’s focus on the songs now…

With the rest of the band, Chester wrote several songs that are a mirror to his struggles with mental health. I read this amazingly written article which is a collection of testimonies of fans about Linkin Park songs that have helped people through very dark times.


For me, the one that stands out the most is “Crawling“. It really helped me with the anger I had growing up regarding why I was never accepted, and understanding why people thought I was weird and lonely all the time. For that, I owe it all to them.

More to be said…

I always avoid long articles so I don’t make people bored. If I included everything I found in this article, it would have been ENDLESS. So below are some links to interesting articles from various sources that would have deserved an article of their own:

My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way Remembers Meeting His Wife Because of Linkin Park

Chester Bennington Set Up His Family For Life Before He Died

Chester Bennington’s wife Talinda Ann Bentley: The woman who tried to save him – their whirlwind love story

Aftermath: Chester Bennington Suicide

Chester Bennington’s history with depression and substance abuse, in his own words

Thank You Chester Bennington And Linkin Park For Daring Us To Be Different

To Anyone Who Is Terrified After Chester Bennington’s Death

Jared Leto Pens Heartfelt Letter to Chester Bennington: ‘A Tragic Loss of an Absolute Legend’

Chester Bennington’s life may help male sex abuse victims speak up

2 angels are in heaven! RIP beautiful souls! Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell on stage together. #chesterbennington

Musicians React to Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington’s Suicide

Lets Be Honest About Chester Bennington

In the wake of Chester Bennington: an Open Letter to Those who Don’t Understand

Linkin Park Frontman Chester Bennington Posted Heartbreaking Last Tweet Before His Death

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    A year ago today the world lost a brilliant, talented singer. I lost my hero. He helped me battle my own demons. He may have lost his battle, but it’s this loss that has inspired MILLIONS around the world to spread more awareness on mental health;


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