Zaful Wishlist

I am currently in London enjoying myself,
but I also want YOU to enjoy yourselves by reading a post!
So here goes! Be back on the 27th July!

My mortal enemy right now? Shopping. Trying to save up for a car (including gas expenses, insurance and in case something needs to be fixed) is really hard, especially when you’re also saving up for travelling, and have to buy medications almost every 2-3 weeks.

But all this is a-changing: I have juggling two jobs (more on that here) and saving up as much as I can. In fact, last I shopped was to buy breath spray, which I needed. But a girl can dream right?

So I created some wishlists to help motivate my money saving, starting with Zaful. I browsed all the website, which took me almost all morning, and I narrowed down the things I loved to 12, which are:

zaful wishlist pic
Photo credits to Zaful. I own none of these (yet)!

I decided to broaden my wishlist to not just articles of clothing, but also accessories. Usually when I search for clothes I search for simple, plain colours/patterns. But since it’s about time to start experimenting with fashion (I am 23 and not getting any younger), I also mixed things up with more colours and patterns.

The most you will see are florals. I am falling in love more each day with this print and have more floral printed clothes than I should have. I am also loving culottes, even though I am yet to own my first pair.

What do YOU like from Zaful? Anything I should consider to buy? Let me know in the comments below!

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