One Year Later… Progress

Welcome back to my blog! It’s been just over a day since I’ve last published a post, which I think you may have been aware… I’ve been really active, planning, writing, editing and publishing posts daily. Like, every single day for almost a week.

Apart from having summer holidays, which means I have a lot of time on my laptop, there has been some changes in the past one year or so: physical and mental. And I will be highlighting said changes and how YOU can change your life to the better. So grab a cuppa and a cushion, and enjoy!


  • I lost weight

Okay, so it may not be very evident to some people, but I both feel and look slightly lighter than I was last year.

How did I do this? I started going to the gym. This is my second 3 month subscription in a row. I am attending 3 times a week. At the moment, I am focusing mostly on cardio, which is 30-45 minutes out of 1 hour at the gym.

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  • I am smiling more

It sounds very easy, but let me assure you that it is not. This will be explained further in the ‘mental’ section of this post. Basically, when you clear your mind from the negative thoughts, you automatically start smiling more.

How did I do this? I surrounded myself with people that encourage me to be a better person, and eliminate those who befriended me for their own benefit; by this I mean cut all ties from them. You’re worth more than that! What also keeps me going is to see a lot of positive stories, articles, videos, quotes, etc.

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  • I am more active

I’ve involved myself in several projects for this summer (some of which are a surprise for now…!), and even though sometimes I just want to stay in bed under the A/C (Let’s face it… me and summer aren’t really the best of friends…), I decided this summer will be my most active ever.

How did I do this? Find something you really love, something that you are really passionate about. In my case, I love love LOVE animals, especially dogs, so I signed up with the MSPCA to volunteer twice a week with their dogs and cats.

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  • I am happier

I’m always laughing and making jokes with my friends and family. This is something that rarely happened before this past year. As said before, I erased the negativity from my mind and life, and replaced it with positivity and optimism.

How did I do this? I sought help. Not just professional, but also from friends and family. I talked my problems and worries out. Before, I used to keep everything locked up in my mind and heart, but now I’m open and it felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.




  • I am more at peace

With myself, my heart, my mind, my body and also others. I am thinking more before I take any action: pros and cons, up and down sides, etc., which has helped me also with controlling any meltdowns and my temper.

How did I do this? It may sound cliche and cheesy, but meditation and yoga really do help. A scented candle, yoga mat and nice, calm music (your choice!) is all you need.

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  • I look forward to the future

How did I do this? Ask yourself: What do I want to happen in my life? What are my goals? How do I achieve these goals? Answer these and write them down. That is motivation starts. Always start small and build up on bigger goals that will ultimately make you a happier, positive person.

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