HUGE Sales Haul!

Greetings earthlings! Today was my first weekday of summer holidays and what better way to spend it than SALES SHOPPING?! Below are all the things I got, some of which were from the new collection. Enjoy!

PS. I say cute a lot in this post. Viewer discretion advised.

The Body Shop

First up we have these three products which I got from The Body Shop. I had a EUR15 voucher which I got for my birthday in February and it expires in August, and since I don’t go shopping that often, I decided to spend it now.

The first product I got is the Moringa hand cream, which by the way, smells DIVINE, and it’s one of my favourite smells EVER. Then I went for the Tea Tree night lotion for blemished skin, which as the name says, you apply at night before you go to bed. I tried it last night and my face felt softer and more hydrated. Then I needed something to exceed the amount on the voucher, and since my feet has a lot of hard skin from working out a lot (TMI, I know… and yes, I wear good running shoes with memory foam), I bought what is called a File a Foot, which is a foot file for hard skin.

Then at Pull and Bear I bought the following…

Pull & Bear

First thing I tried was this cute embroidered off-the-shoulder top, which happened to be in my fitting room and thought it was cute so I tried it on. I especially like the colours on the embroidery.

Pull & Bear

Next up is this plain maroon top with side slits.

Pull & Bear

And to brighten up my winter, I got this yellow woolen jumper. It was super comfy but, you know, it’s summer in Malta so I took if off immediately.

Pull & Bear

I’m really into stripes (and I don’t care if vertical or horizontal stripes make me look fat!), and so I got this top and it gives me some serious football (soccer) vibes.

Pull & Bear

And another striped t-shirt because why not?!

Pull & Bear

And because I’m obsessed with patches, I got this t-shirt which has a tiny patch on the left which has a sandcastle and says “I don’t need saving”.

And from Pimkie


From Pimkie I got this cute floral bomber jacket. Apart from the cute pattern, I loved how soft it is.

And from my all-time fave Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger

I got:

  • A hand fan which doesn’t use batteries or electricity
  • A packing list
  • A clapperboard highlighter set
  • A sunglasses cover in the shape of sunscreen.

Last but not least, Peacocks


First there’s this cute flute-sleeved pink top. I loved the colour and sleeve, which is unlike me because I rarely go for something this girly, but it looks very smart!


Next up is this black floral dress. Has the shoulder cutouts and goes down to mid-leg.


And because all my pants are either too small or big, I got these pair of skinny, mid rise jeggings.


And to reward my legs for being good to my self-confidence, I got this cute mid-length skirt.


Lastly, my star buy: this cute bikini set (top and bottoms sold separately). I’ve been after a high-waisted bikini bottoms for the longest of time and when I saw one I just had to get it. The top is high-neck and the back fastens with straps, and it’s reversible!

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