20 Signs You Love TV Series More Than People

Another relatable list of things you know you are and cannot help admit to but it’s okay because we are all these kinds of people who makes us human so it’s okay.

Did I say it’s okay?

No matter what, you know you can rely on that screen of yours

Ignore what them haters say. Your laptop screen matters. Your phone screen matters. Your tablet matters. TV matters. Everything matters. #circleoflife


You’re more inclined to grab snacks and supplies for your night of binge watching than for a night with your friends

Facts. and a bonus: when you’re binge watching a series with your significant other/s (hey I’m not one to judge!) or friends and THEY bring snacks! Ah, snacks ❤


During finale season, you disappear for so many days at a time that your friends send a search party

I mean not really, but at the same time… really.


When you lead meetings, you use clips from TV shows to explain your points

I find myself doing this so many times, I sometimes don’t even realise it. Guilty as charged.


You don’t understand why people jog outside when the treadmills at the gym have TVs


You’ve planned a party for the return of your favorite ’90s shows

FRIENDS, Seinfeld, Charmed, I’m waiting for you now.


You agree to go on a picnic, but not during prime time

Don’t you even dare.


Artwork is cool, but you’d rather hang a flat screen on your wall



People talking during the show is one of your biggest pet peeves

“Is that X from Y?!” “Oh my lord, why did she do THAT to him?!” “Wait is that…? Naaaaaaaaaaaaah!” “KILL HIM KILL HIMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!” Like, don’t even bother.


You bought a game console, but you only use it to stream shows



You don’t understand why your friend would plan their party the same night a great new show premieres


Your friends have tried to stage a TV intervention


When your neighbor has a channel you don’t, you get creative

And I’m not talking about befriending them and casually ask them about the channel.


Missing your favorite show is seriously traumatic


Seeing spoilers from last night’s episode on social media is just the worst


When a date invites you to gaze at the stars, your response is “Wait, which award show is on tonight?”

Also known as The One Who Got Away.


You don’t understand why people travel when you can watch exciting places on TV anytime you want


You really want dual monitors so you can stream while you work


You’re not a Top 40 pro, but you can sing any show theme song on command


You see yourself in so many characters on television

I am Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, Jughead, Jones Tina Belcher, Louise Belcher, Leslie Knope and April Ludgate. They are me.


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