My Style Evolution

Those who know me can tell you I’m the absolute worst at being “on trend”. I live, eat and breathe in jeggings, loose band t-shirts and my trainers.

But was it always this way?

Growing up, I was definitely the epitome of the tomboy style. I wore tshirts, jeans, lots of tracksuit bottoms and ski pants (can you tell I’m a 90s kid?), overalls, jeans way over my belly with a shirt tucked in, the whole nine yards. This article is my childhood in a nutshell

Guilty as charged

When I turned 10 years old, I started experimenting more, getting into dresses, skirts and looked up to Ashley Burke – Ashley Olsen’s character in the Two of a Kind franchise – o the extent of dressing up like her. At the same time, however, I loved Mary-Kate and dressed up like her too… so I was in that ‘Who am I fashion-wise?’ phase.

Image result for two of a kind
These two were everything

Then in secondary school (high school for those across the pond), was the emo/scene/goth phase we all know too well… My style was mostly this. Lots of black and white stripes, skulls, Jack Skellington, hair dye and the side fringe covering one eye. I was definitely mocked for it, and that would be my biggest regret of my adolescent fashion.

Related image
X_Black to match my ~soul~_X

Fast forward to the (three) college years. I no longer really cared much about fashion in general, and dressed to fit my mood. Back then, I was particularly into 60s rock music – more than I ever was growing up – but also started getting more and more into mainstream music, so I dressed both modern and grunge-esque.

The greatest fashion combo EVER

It is now 2017. I’m 23 years old and working full-time. What’s my style like now?

I’m a combination of who I was back then, and started wearing new things the more confident I became with myself. One day I could be in the mood to dress up girly and nice, and the next I’ll be back to my grunge/indie roots.

Related image
2016 – future me

Now some may ask, “what’s the point of this post?” Here’s your answer: no matter the ‘phase’ you’ve been in, and what your style is right now, it really does not matter. What matters is that you dress up the way YOU want, and NOT to please others.

What is YOUR style evolution? Any cringy phases you had? I know I did! Let me know in the comments below!

That’s it for me, see you in the next one!

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