“It started like any normal conversation would.” – An Account of an Abuse of Title

Someone I know approached me to write this story about an experience she had. * Names have been either omitted or changed to protect the people’s identities. I only ask for respect in the comments. There may be sexual content, so viewer discretion is advised.

Post is really long, sorry!

It started like any normal conversation would. —

Actually no, let’s back up a bit. There is a band which I really like and practically idolise. Have been for a while now. I’m friends with some of the members on Facebook, and I like some of their statuses, especially if it involves their musical careers. You know, like any fan would to show support.

So imagine my surprise when one of the members, Martin*, liked a status of mine seconds after I liked his.

A few minutes after that, he sent me a message on Facebook. I blinked and rubbed my eyes. There is no way this was really happening. A popular musician is talking to ME, plain Jane of all plain Janes. I mean let’s face it: if this is not how you’d react to a popular person whom you happen to admire, then you’re possibly MOST DEFINITELY human.

So we started talking. At first it was totally normal. I told him he knew a relative of mine, and we talked about him for a while. Martin praised this relative, calling him the nicest, most talented person he knows. The conversation slowly shifted from said relative to me. I didn’t think too much of it. I was just internally fangirling.

I then admitted – proudly too – that I’ve been a fan of his band for years – almost 10 to be exact.

A fan? How cute, thanks 😉

We talked about his music a little more and I told him jokingly that if I see him I’m the girl with the sense of humour.

Don’t worry, I’d recognise you for sure 🙂

What an honour! Thank you 😀

Hahaha honour 😛

Of course! I’ve seen you at events but
have been too shy to talk to you all,
but now I’m brave enough haha

What did you say when I spoke to you now then?

Well… I fangirled duh 😛
I’ve admired you guys for a long time

I was clearly rambling, but I didn’t care right then. Martin was talking to me, and at that moment, that was all that mattered. Again, we spoke on flattery and meeting idols and what not…

Between us? This is really nice 🙂

I told him that I had work early next morning and I had to get going.

That’s too bad :/
Oh well, good thing is i made your day better at least

You definitely did 🙂 !

Hahahaha.. anything else I can do for you?

Do for me? Who did he think I was, the Queen? I thought to myself, almost choking in my coffee. But at the same time, that raised a red flag for a second, but I shrugged it off. I asked him if he is still teaching and I praised him for it.

Offer still stands you know 😛

What are you offering then? Haha

I dunno, you tell me!

How about meeting the band? 😀

Bit impossible at this moment
don’t you think? Haha

Oh right haha, then I’ll have to wait til your next gig then

You could 😛

Awesome 😀

Well, right now all I can offer is…
oh I don’t know haha!

No worries!

All this praise, you’ve really gotten
my wires in a bunch haha!

Ok here’s what we’re going to do: next gig I attend,
I’ll bring an album and you sign it 😛
I’m sure you’re used to this 😛

To be honest, not like this… That’s why I told
you between us it’s more fun 😛

How can you not?!
You’re the best in this country!

Hope I didn’t creep you out o.o

Nah not really, in fact… ;P I’m not sleepy anymore

Me neither 😛

This looks like a compromise 😉

I blinked. What is this guy on?!


Yes, a deal.
I’m not sleepy,
you’re not sleepy either…

How about we listen to some music?

Not at this time!
I was thinking something different 😛

Red flag, Denise*. Red flag. I played it innocently to see if what he was going to propose was iffy.

Like what? :O

Now now, you think a bit 😛

At the top of my head? Truth or dare. Til we’re sleepy that is

Ok, but only if this remains between us

Although I won’t be doing any dares
because I’m already in bed

Nono I meant… what is said in this convo remains here


As in, don’t go telling on me with you sister or friend or whatever 😛

Okay okay!

Alright then, let’s play

You start 😛

Dares good for me by the way… I’m alone in my room 😛

Get out of this, Denise. NOW. Start a nice conversation with your boyfriend or friend. Anything but this.

But my fangirl self couldn’t help it.

My sister is asleep in my room so better not for me 😛

We’ll see
Is this game going to be clean or not?
Actually… you start, we’ll see how 
it goes… 😛

We’ll go with the flow

Start 😛

Damn it, I’m all out of ideas! That’s why I asked you to start!

Between us!!

Promise. Now… Truth or dare?

Dare, let’s start big hahaha

So, um, do you have an office chair in your room?

Yes, but I’m not making any noises

Okay, just sit on it and turn round until you’re dizzy
and try walking straight to your bed 😀

What! No hahaha! We’re not 13!

Starting mildly hahaha

What, you expected me to tell you to shout out of your window?
To wake the whole building or something? Hahaha

Okay I think we should go to the hard stuff,
let’s skip this basic shit.

Or are you shy? 😉


Let me google… one sec 😛
Yep, I’m a little shy hehehe

Screw shy! Come on… 😉
Like I told you, I’m alone in my room

The dares that require you out of your room are a no 😛

Nope. Anything else in my room, go ahead

Okay hahaha

Delete any photos right after okay? 😛

Oh. my. God. I tried playing it cool because I knew where this was going.

Ooooh okay then a photo! Duck face, and I’ll delete it

You’re so innocent hahahahahaha
No, nothing with my face hahahaha

Okay then, a picture of your guitar if it’s near you

Goodluck with that…
They’re all downstairs
C’mon, these are all mild
Spice it up hahaha

I’m not good at dares, man!
Any photos of your clothes then. Anything

My clothes?
Eh, not anything underneath then?


That’s why I said anything haha

One sec… be more specific 😛
You might get what you asked for

Anything, you choose

Nono, tell me what you wanna see
Again, between the two of us 😛

Okay, um, a pic of your boxers in a drawer

Dunno if this is appropriate for you,
but I can send you a pic of my briefs on me

No, that I can’t, I respect my boyfriend haha

Wait, I have a girlfriend too
Same boat haha

Oh my god. Denise, you run out of there now. Now, I say. He has a girlfriend, which I already knew, and now he knows I have a boyfriend. Who the hell does he think he is?! I was feeling really uncomfortable with all this, but at the same time, I didn’t want to look bad, and had no clue how to get out of this, so I tried one-worders or one-liners.

Check your priorities mate haha

Well now that we’re here… 😛

Go ahead

Me in my briefs in bed
No face though


Fyi, there’s a bit of a bump
Just saying hahahaha
Ready? 😛


Here goes, totally between us

Yes of course

And he sent me the photo. I was disgusted and physically sit. I wanted to puke. I was speechless.

Comments? 😉

I think you might be turned on
by something hahahaha
Did you spend hours watching porn?

That’s nothing 😉

Now my turn. Truth

Now what’s left is me without anything :p

That’s it. I sent the conversation to a dear friend of mine, print-screening the whole thing so I don’t miss any details and I am reassured about the whole thing from  third party. This was for sure abuse of his title as a popular person. By mistake, I sent him one of the printscreens.


Did I really turn him on just by talking to him?!

Wrong convo it seems 🙂

I don’t like this, sorry
Seems inappropriate

It is
Crazy hahaha

I was trying to be nice and
just went along with it

but enough is enough

Removed everything myself
You’re right

I didn’t send the photo don’t worry
Just needed a friend’s advice

It’s okay

Because I was feeling uncomfortable

Just tell your friend this is between us though
That’s what we said remember hahaha

And honestly, I kinda had a different view of you

But you’re right, I understand 🙂

And I’m disappointed sooo I have to go. Really

This never happened please 🙂

Nope never

Goodnight to you too 🙂
Sorry once again, really 🙂

Honestly, I think your girlfriend
deserves much better. Goodnight

And that was the last thing sent. I asked a few friends around if this was taking advantage of me, and one of them told me that he used his title of a person in the entertainment scene to send explicit photos.

Thinking about it now, it really was, and I really wouldn’t wish for anyone to go through this.

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