How I get Traffic on my Blog

As a follow-up to my recent first blogiversary, I will be talking about how I get as much traffic as possible. I know there are a LOT of ways to do so, but like the title says, I’m still a beginner AND a cheapskate (not really… but I don’t like spending a LOT of money… so am I???) and as much as SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) works, it is a Premium feature and I cannot afford that at the moment.


The first thing I did was create a Facebook page for my blog. It took me a while to get it up and running properly, but in the end, it was all worth it. Not many people like and comment on the page since I have the sharing setting on my posts so that they automatically show up on the page, so I went a step further . . .

. . . and created a Facebook group! I was inspired by the several bloggers and fashionistas who created a group to promote their blog, and that has so far worked really well, and it gives other people an opportunity to promote their work and sell things freely. So I suggest you join now ;D

Related to my group is joining blogging groups on Facebook. I’m in probably around 20 of them – two of which are local – and it’s when I joined such groups that I started seeing some results.


Tags also play an important and crucial part in getting traffic on your blog. Say someone is looking for a post about the meaning of life. What tags would you use? I’d probably go for the obvious ‘meaning of life’ ‘search for happiness’ and ‘philosophy’ to name a few. I’m still awful at tags, but slowly learning.


Did you notice something I’ve been doing throughout my posts, where I link to related posts/websites? That’s another thing that helps not only other websites to get recognition, but also you. Why? Because they’d be so thankful that they would consider promoting YOU in return! Just think about it 😉

Other websites that help

I’ve started using Linkedin a couple of months ago when I wanted a page that’s more business-y. I use it to promote my blog, my collaborations and things related to my work, and made some really cool friends from there (if you’re Kelly, I mean you!).

Two other sites you can use to promote your latest posts are Blogarama and, the best one yet, Livinvia, so I will be talking about the latter into detail. I found out about Livinvia from one of the many FB groups that I joined, and decided to give it a go. It is divided into categories, such as Health, Tips, Technology, Fashion and much more . . . and it is completely FREE!


I couldn’t elaborate more than this, so here are the best content tips for traffic:


  • Leave thoughtful comments on other people’s blogs with hope of getting recognition on your blog AND connect with other bloggers
  • Write shorter posts, something which I am quite good at since my posts usually do not exceed the 600-word mark
  • Blog consistently
  • Organize your posts with lists and subheads
  • Write stuff people will want to link to
  • Ask questions
  • Be funny, clever, remarkable . . so, not me!
  • Do some public speaking (Remember the one I did
  • Write attractive headlines, so maybe quotes could be good
  • Deliver killer content
  • Guest post on someone else’s blog
  • Tell stories

Have you used any of these? How did they work out for you? Any tips you use for traffic which I have not mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below! Let’s connect!

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11 thoughts on “How I get Traffic on my Blog”

  1. I never used to believe tags were so important for getting traffic to your blog, but after starting using them, I saw how wrong I’d been. And definitely, being consistent with your posts is key- as with anything in life, I believe 🙂 Great post idea, thanks for the tips!


  2. Thank you, I have gained a few new tips 😊. I join in with FB blog groups, and have found a few great ones. I would like to join more, but my application gets denied quite often?! I like to join in with Twitter blog comment threads as well 😊


  3. these tips are very helpful,I am super new to blogging and from the post I learned , I need to that advantage of using tags! thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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