I watched the Star Wars movies for the first time ever. This is my honest account.

I’m 23 years old, a big-arse cinephile who studied film for a year at Uni, who loves anything scifi-related…

… but has never watched the Star Wars movies.

until now.

For me this was a cultural rite of passage, and something I should have done years ago. But alas, procrastination won that battle. To my peers who still haven’t seen Star Wars: Episode IV—A New Hope, let me offer a word of warning: The fade transition effects and the deep V revealing Harrison Ford’s majestic chest hair can’t be unseen. But mostly, I say this: Watch it!

My expectations

This is who I thought were the good guys…

  • Luke Skywalker, a young man with a feathered 1980s haircut and a martial arts outfit, who is also quite attractive
  • R2-D2, a small, round-headed robot that beep-talks
  • C-3PO, a gold robot doppelganger of the Tin Man from The Wizards of Oz
  • Chewbacca, a “Wookiee” who looks like a furrier, cuter Yeti
  • Han Solo, who also has a feathered haircut but wears a vest. Who is also a very attractive guy… just 5-6 pinches more than Luke
  • Princess Leia, who styles her hair to look like earmuffs, and has an iconic bikini outfit
  • Yoda, an old, small green creature who speaks in subject-object-verb sentence structure
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi, who has white hair and looks somber, like an adult emo
  • Jedis, who have lightsabers with different colours

… and the bad guys

  • Darth Vader, who’s got a black Bane-ish mask and, after being spoiled rotten over the years, is Luke’s dad
  • The other guy who looks like Voldemort in a cloak
  • Stormtroopers, those badass-looking robot guys with the white armour


Well, what can I say apart from W-O-W. George Lucas, the brains behind this scifi franchise, is literally the definition of ‘genius’. I thought freaking James Cameron was the genius with ‘Avatar’. Guess what? I was wrong, and am not ashamed to admit it (*DISCLAIMER* I still love James Cameron’s work and Avatar).

The first movie I watched that is part f the franchise was Rogue One. I asked my boyfriend whether I had to watch the other movies before this one, and he assured me that there was no need as this was a prequel *sigh of relief*. But now I can connect the events in Rogue One with the rest of the movies. I then proceeded to watching the rest of the movies in chronological order


Apart from the very cringy fade transition, the SFX weren’t too bad considering the time they were made. This is thanks to John Dykstra, the special effects designer who worked on the original Star Wars and was chosen by Lucas himself to head up the director’s visual effects company, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).

My favourite SFX is definitely the lightsabers, from their woosh-woosh type sound (seriously, how does one write sound?) to the different colours, which are iconic and representative to their respective owner.

The Lightsabers and their Owner

Princess Leia

She deserves her own post of reasons why she is a realist and most legit badass in both the Star Wars franchise and princess history, but she had to get an honourable mention in this honest account of said franchise.

Where do I even begin?! Her hair is both iconic and on fleek, her white princess gown is out of this world (pun is probably intended), and she is also feisty and sassy. So much so, she makes Han Solo (other badass in the movie) docile (*SPOILER* is it any wonder they end up together?!)

Iconic and on fleek

This was my honest account of what I thought about the iconic (I keep saying that a lot in this post, wonder why!) franchise. My next post will go more into depth about Princess Leia and some of the many reasons she is proper badass.

Stay tuned!

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