Girl walks into a Gym

Quite the unusual title right? And in case you’re wondering: no, I’m not about to crack a joke in the lines of ‘girl walks into a bar’.

A while ago, I wrote about my workout routine at home, and now I’l be writing about:

  • My gym routine
  • What I wear
  • Why I go to the gym.


I usually start with 15 to 30 minutes on the treadmill. Lately I’ve been doing the marathon mode, trying to reach my current target of 2k. I’m also trying to run as much as I can, increasing the speed to up to 11KPH and the incline up to 6.0%.

Then I would start working on my upper body, particularly arms and upper back. I use either 3kg or 4kg weights and a 4kg kettlebell. I do 10 reps for each arm, taking a 5-second rest between each set.

After that, I do some glutes/booty/leg workouts, and when I finish that, I do a 10-minute treadmill cooldown walk, not exceeding 4KPH.


I usually try to mix and match outfits to look a bit different, but I would most probably be wearing what is shown in the slideshow, switching between sports bras.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Apart from the usual ‘tone up and lose weight’ excuse, I just really wanted to find something to blow off some steam with, and to also bond with my boyfriend during weekdays.

I’ve never been in tune with my body, but ever since working out, I’ve noticed not only physical but also emotional, psychological and mental changes in myself. The way I look at the equipment at the gym, other people around me, myself included. I used to be super insecure about running on the treadmill since I’m a bit busty, but you know what? Screw what anyone else thinks! If I want to run then be it!

There are two beautiful people who have inspired me to love myself and go #treatyoself on me:

Megan Jayne Crabbe
Facebook * Blog * Twitter * Instagram


Milly Smith
Facebook * Blog * Twitter * InstagramYoutube

I mean… look at them! They’re humans (duh), and they embrace their flaws and their beautiful bodies. The bodies that went through a freaking lot, and bodies that experienced heartache, battles and birth (in the case of Milly).

If YOU, reading this, are either Megan or Milly, first off: I LOVE YOUSE AND I WANT TO GRAB A CUP OF TEA WITH YOU BOTH AND TALK ABOUT HOW AWESOME YOU TWO ARE (sorry if I came on too strong!). And second of all, thank you for finally teaching me that every body is its own beautiful temple. ANd if there is any way I can reach out to them (I mean you, if you’re reading it which would be an honour!), please do let me know! I’d really love to interview them for the blog ^_^

So give these two ladies a follow, like their pages and be{YOU}tiful

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