Where this is headed: An Honest account

‘This’ refers to my blog. I’ve had these doubts or a while now… probably since a few months ago. In case you’re probably wondering, this is a filler type post. All my ‘good’ ideas have been posted to date, and I am yet to come up with a grand idea that will tickle your fancy (that would be your eyes).

My posts are colourful… or so I thought

When I started blogging, I had a somewhat clear image of what I wanted my blog to be about: me recovering from mental health. I’d talk about my past, present and potential future. Deep down, I knew this would not attract as much attention as I wanted it to, so I expanded my horizons.

I then started posting tips on travelling and how to be happier in life. I also saw how reviews would also be good for my blog. I remember also doing a book review… and since then, everything has been the same, dull thing.

As many of you have seen, I’ve also started a new series called #ClaireNotes, in which I talk about a month’s three goals and go into detail about them. I’ve also done hauls and talked about my first event as a blogger.

All of this in less than a year…

-and I still don't know where this blog is headed..jpgI love writing and I love this blog, don’t get me wrong. But lately, I’ve been lacking in my usual descriptive, detailed writing. And I usually see this when I publish my post and start promoting it all over my social media. Then, I see similar articles written by other bloggers, and their detailing is so impeccable I often would be close to deleting my post, if not the whole blog.

So this leaves me to a very important question:


I honestly have no clue.

But whatever it is, I hope it’s filled with more decent writing, a bigger following and more happiness all around.

What I hope for, apart from the obvious followers, likes and such, is for people to see the amount of time I spend writing posts, even though they’re not what they expect to read: because they’re too short, or lacking detail, or the content has nothing to do with the title and vice versa.


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