The Skinny on… my first Event as a Blogger

Even the title alone gets me all emotional and tingly. I am FINALLY a blogger who gets INVITED to events. I was mega nervous during the days leading up to The Day. As the countdown began and almost came to an end, however, I chilled a bit.

Now onto the boring details which might or might not interest you…

I got there at around 11:45AM, but Beauty Plus (the shop where the event was held, organised by local Facebook group Fashion Agenda) already had people inside, most of which I recognised as local bloggers.

I was greeted with warm smiles and a glass of champagne, which I obviously drank… before realising I had been sober for over a year. But oh well, it’s all good, I didn’t regret it one bit! There, I met a makeup artist I had met through my ex last year, and I almost cried with joy as she looked much more beautiful in person than in the photos. We hadn’t talked in a while due to our busy schedules and personal lives. But she was a big support system during my recovery, and gave me an advice or two not just on makeup, but also mental health.

The main attraction of the event, apart from the 20% discount on Ainhoa and Make-Up Studio products, was locally-renowned makeup artist Shasha, who not only is beautiful and vibrant, but super talented. She gave us some pro tricks on makeup and the story behind how she brought Make-Up Studio to Malta. And a bonus to all this? I got advice on how to make my eyebrows on fleek! YAS!!

With every purchase of EUR50 or over, you get a goodie bag (pictured below). And I bought. A LOT (also pictured below)…

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You can tell I had a great day. I met new people, reunited with an old friend, asked for much-needed advice, had a bubbly and also stocked my makeup collection!

That’s all for today, see you in the next one!

Xo Claire


9 thoughts on “The Skinny on… my first Event as a Blogger

  1. Yay! That’s so awesome! I can’t wait until I’m invited to my first event (if I’ll ever get invited)! I feel like that is a huge milestone! I would be so nervous as well but it seemed like you a great time!


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