What February 26th means to me


Today’s the 26th February 2017.

No doy, Sherlock. We see it on the calendar. We know. – you might think. So what’s so special about this date anyway?

It’s actually one year since I’ve been in recovery. And these are some of the things I’ve learned during this time…

Life is Beautiful

Before this day, I just existed between the wall cracks of life. Now, however, I can honestly say I’m living. And Looking around me, I see the beautiful people around me, the sky that shines day and night, animals, happiness and overall a lot of LOVE.

Yes, there are still a lot of bad things that need to be fixed in this world, but at least we should cherish the good that we have, and use it in order to spread peace, love and equality all around.

Smiling makes ANYONE look beautiful

Not only does smiling show that you are happy, but it also automatically makes you beautiful. Ignore the missing tooth, or the damaged one, or the unwhitened teeth! Everyone is beautiful no matter what shape or size ❤

I absolutely love this photo that I took this morning. I think I radiate confidence, peace, love and happiness!

Recovery takes TIME

Okay, this one is a no-brainer. Like a physical injury, mental recovery takes time. I still get bad days. I actually had one just yesterday! You just need to find that someone or something that makes you feel better and try turning your day around. It’s easier said than done, but it’s worth the try.

Recovery starts WITHIN

No medicine. No treatments. Just YOUR MIND, BODY AND SOUL.

I am still taking medication for my anxiety, but recovery starts from WITHIN yourself. Change the way you look at things and life, be more open-minded and trust me, things WILL start turning around for you.

You just have to believe, and achieve 🙂

Calling for help is NOT a sin

I cannot stress this enough. I wish the text has lights blinking to grab everyone’s attention. Help doesn’t have to be professional if you’re not ready to take it up to that notch. Talk to a family member, a friend, your significant other, your colleagues, your boss… anyone you can trust really. Just open up and you’ll feel instantly better!

The post is written in green not for a random reason (or because it’s one of my favourite colours). It’s because it is the colour of Mental Health. So spread awareness in May, which is the Mental Health Awareness Month, and wear/write in/think Green.

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