Some Things That Need Clarification…

Just because I don’t post much about mental health, doesn’t mean I’m cured or have given up on the cause

I’ve had a few messages sent to me asking me how I went from talking on my struggles to posting more light-hearted posts. The simple answer is that I post what I feel like posting.

First off, why would I post just mental health posts if it makes people feel sorry for me? I realised that I want people to celebrate my life, not feel sorry for my past. I am stronger than I ever was, thank you very much.

Secondly, I am working a LOT on mental health outside of the blogging world. I get contacted DAILY by people who read my article on local websites (links above) and I guide them wherever I can.

So the answer is no. I have not given up on the cause. And neither am I cured. I struggle everyday. I just don’t show it.

When I give advice, it’s because I experienced the situation… so it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m giving a good advice

I give a whole bunch of advice to my friends, coworkers and even strangers over Facebook on how to be both physically and mentally better. But I always make it clear that I am not in any shape, way or form a professional, and that they should consult a proper doctor/psychologist/therapist.

I just give advice for a temporary “fix”. Professionals can give a more permanent fix, and can put you on medications or sign you up for any necessary therapy.

I still struggle. Every day.

Not much can be said about this, except for what it says. I may be recovering better than anyone expected, but I still have my struggles. I would like to buy a camera to take better blog pictures with but I cannot afford it, because I spent a lot of money on medications and therapy. I have also invested a lot of money on driving lessons to get my license by the end of the year if possible, and on the biggest trip of my life with my best friend.

But I wouldn’t change any of this. Because this is

My life

My opinion


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