2017 Goals

Happy new year to all! Well, for being the first post of the year anyways, as it’s been over a week since the new year began… so… But anyways, hope everyone is doing well, and celebrated the new year in style just like myself! So as usual, the start of the year comes with new goals to reach by the end of the year, and I have listed mine below…

  1. Publish my first article – ACHIEVED 8-1-17 (was so tempted to write 2016 like you would NOT believe!)
  2. Publish my first paid article – ACHIEVED 3-1-17
  3. Travel with best friend – SOON ACHIEVED
  4. Buy a professional camera
  5. Get off my meds
  6. Celebrate my first anniversary with my boyfriend
  7. Finish my TA 10-week course
  8. Reach 20 followers on my blog – ACHIEVED 29-1-17
  9. Reach 250 Instagram followers – ACHIEVED 29-1-17
  10. Learn a new language
  11. Lose weight
  12. Eat healthier (BIG JOKE!)
  13. Read all HP books – 2/7 as of 8-1-17
  14. Watch all Star Wars movies
  15. Take part in the school panto… again

If I can actually think on any others I will add them. My brain is so friend right now I can’t think straight!

See you in the next one!

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