#ClaireReads – Dark Places by Gillian Flynn 8/10

I started reading this book over a year ago and have only recently binge-read more than half of it.

The mystery novel is about a woman named Libby Day whose two sisters and mother were murdered by her older brother Ben… or so she believed. She embarks on a journey towards finding the truth about what really happened on that fateful night in 1985.

I liked the character Libby: mysterious, witty, sarcastic and very sharp. A complete U-Turn from who she was before her family’s massacre. Her father was mostly absent throughout her life. Her brother was a stranger to her, someone she saw occasionally and was mostly with his girlfriend, who was involved in some deep crud.

What I like about this book is the different points of views concerning Libby, her mother Patty and Ben. The language changes with each view, which can also describe the person’s POV.

The way the story builds up, finally revealing what really happened to Libby’s family, was the best part of the book.

A definite read if you liked Gone Girl by the same author.


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