Tsundoku. I only just recently found out about this Japanese word. No, it’s not a disease… kind of.

Tsundoku means buying books and letting them pile up but not reading them.

My name is Claire and I have tsundoku. Phew, feels so good to say it out loud, like admitting you have a problem during an AA.

I have money to buy books, granted. Unfortunately for me, I do not have enough space to store them. But I still want more.

More books make a more happy me.

I am making it a point to read at least one of these piled-up books a month. I am currently reading one… which I started last year. But it’s okay. I’ll finish it this month. And I’ll start another one by the beginning of next one, I promise.

So for all you book lovers out there who think you have a problem. You don’t. It’s normal. I have it, you might too. It’s okay, we WILL get through this… Just, you know, buy the damn book and read it so you can buy more. Easy*!




*(… No it isn’t and you know it!)


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