I’m Okay (I Promise)… And an Announcement!

Soooo I haven’t really posted anything in a while, and some may be concerned.

Where’s Claire?! And where’s her POV?!

Claire’s here. And her POV beside her.

I’ve started work again a few weeks ago, and I’m caught up with work and my personal life. I want to make this scholastic year all about the student I’m taking care of. Not that last year wasn’t, but now I know what my role is better than last year, and I know I can do more than I did previously.

Personal life… My anxiety has decreased drastically, and only get uncomfortable in crowds or with strangers. I talk to most of my co-workers, greet them and have a laugh with them from time to time. Something I never did.

As far as writing goes… Zero. Zilch. I also said I’d take up some writing jobs to earn some side money and keep my writing skills going but I haven’t found the right one yet. Or the right one does not exist, who knows?

Inspired by one of my favourite Youtubers/bloggers, Marzia Bisognin, I will be writing notes which I will try and do throughout the month. These are in the form of 3-5 bullet points, and I’ll be writing about that experience in one post at the end of the month or the beginning of the next.

So I hope every one of you are doing well like I am, and I will see you in the next one!

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