REVIEW: Tea Tree Targeted Oil by The Body Shop 5/5

I grew up with acne and it only started clearing up a few years ago. However, when the time of the month (you know the one) is approaching, the occasional blister or pimple here of there graces my appearance into something close to a xenomorph from Alien (oh yes, I went there with my movie trivia).

But then… BREAKTHORUGH. With a small product from The Body Shop.

EUR 5.90 from The Body Shop

This targeting gel looks like a lip gloss at first glance, and even the applicator looks like it. You simply apply the gel to the pimple and voila! Done-zo!

This here is the old bottled version. The current one available locally is the dark green.

This product has really been a life saviour for my face. Its effectiveness and long-lasting effect makes this product more worthy than a 5/5 for me.

Definite buy!

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