What I’ve Learnt during my First Year of Blogging

As you might have probably read in my previous post (if not . . . check it out!) my blog turned one this week! And I’ve decided to write more about my experience as a newbie blogger. The first post is all about the stats and achievements. This post is a little similar, with lessons I’ve learned…

  1. PATIENCE: It takes a lot of work to see some real results when you open a new blog, unless you’re lucky, which is not me. Everybody says that, so what’s new? Nothing really, if everyone says it there must be a reason right? Some have it easy, like myself, who’s probably the most patient person ever
  2. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (OR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES): The saying goes that the more you nurture your creature, the fatter it gets. Meaning: If you don’t write content, you don’t get traffic. One advice, stop looking at your Google Analytic. NOW. Trust me I’ve tried and no, the graph doesn’t grow by just staring at it! You need to work hard for that, but more on that on a later post . . .
  3. GIVE GIVE GIVE: During this past year I (slowly) realised that people are interested in what you write, only if there is something in there for them too, so let’s forget about “me , me , me”. I also noticed one curious thing: The more I get intimate and talk about things that are personal, the better. People like informational/useful posts, true, but they also appreciate when you put your face out there. Having an opinion, being yourself, open and honest makes a big difference. Your reader is looking forward to connect with you, and with your experiences. It’s not always easy (not for me at least)but is very rewarding.
  4. SUCCESS IS A RELATIVE CONCEPT: These months of blogging made me think about the word “success”. What is it really? Having many visitors and views on your blog? Popularity on social media? Getting paid to blog (Oh, I wish!)? As soon as I think that I’m “getting there”, there is always something to remind me that everything is relative. People who think I’m a pain or I’m wasting my time “playing on the internet”, when I actually have a job to do during the day. In the end, I think I finally figured out what success means to me: Being happy with my choices, doing something I love and I believe in. If I see an improvement, I see “success”.
  5. I’D LOVE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT . . . EVERYTHING!: This is the most amazing aspect. I may have been blogging for a year, but ask me what SEO is and I’d probably stare blankly at your face. But slowly and gradually, I’m learning all the terminologies and jargon that come along with blogging. It’s not just the jargon that I’d love to more about. It’s new blogging methods, new bloggers, new types of blogging and also experimenting with my own blog.


My 1st Year of Blogging in Numbers

“Only a small percentage of blogs survive their first year”

I’m so proud of not being part of the small percentage because I’ve now been blogging for a year! Throw your confetti cos it’s a P A R A D E!

I remember starting this blog with absolutely no idea how blogging actually works. All I wanted was to write and share my story with others to help them get through it. That was a year ago today, on Thursday 12th May 2016. To test the waters that are the branches of blogging, I decided to post a review of my favourite facial cream. That didn’t go too well.

The post that really got my blogging career taking off was this post about my depression. The amount of messages and comments of support and love from people I knew and also strangers gave me hope and encouragement to do more blogging.

My life changed. The opportunities increased. And now, we’re here*…


likes/follows on social media


blog followers






likes on posts




interviews and articles



The number may not be too big for some that have been blogging for about the same time (if not less) than me, but I’m so proud of achievements in just a year. Cheers to an increase in numbers, love and my blogging 🙂

* some numbers are to the nearest 10 or 100

Bloggers you need to follow… like, now.

Welcome back to my blog, beautiful creatures! Hope you’re all doing as well as I am. As you can tell by the title, this post is about bloggers which I follow and so should you… right. NOW.

Now I follow a LOT of amazing bloggers, both local and international, but I wrote a list of 4 local and 4 international bloggers which I chose at random (which is important to point out because it doesn’t mean I don’t like the other fellow local bloggers. I love each and every one of them!)

int blog (1)

Helen Anderson


I’ve been subscribed to Helen’s main channel for YEARS now – probably over three or four years – and have only recently subscribed to her vlogging channel, on which she uploads daily. She is not only a trendsetter, but also studied film and moving images before she became a blogger. She is also a singer in the band Box of Lights.

Helen is also known for her bomb-ass tattoos and constant hair colour changes. I. Freaking. Love. Her.

Currently living in Norwich with fiancé Matthew Taylor.


Marzia Bisognin


Where do I even begin to describe this blogger? She inspires me to embrace my weirdness while still loving fashion and re-inventing myself. I’ve been subscribed to her since before she hit her 1 millionth subscriber on Youtube.

Her blog features the most amazing sceneries and fashion pieces, with the random pug here and there. (I think it should be noted that she actually has two pugs, Maya and Edgar).

She’s not only a blogger, but also a fashion designer and author. Seriously though, is there anything this girl can’t do?!

She is currently living in Brighton with her boyfriend Felix, a.k.a PewdiePie.


My Life’s a Movie


I found out about this female travel blogger when I read an article about how she was judged for travelling solo and was in awe at her courage to just ignore the judging and move on with her life. Her only companion? Her GoPro.

Her Instagram account is all about the places she has visited, and will give you serious wanderlust.


Naturally Stefanie

Processed with MOLDIV

This article is just about everything you need to know about the pint-sized Scottish beauty. Form her accent, to her face, hair and body to DIE for, she is the epitome of veganism.

Instagram – Youtube

loc blog (1).png

Arguably Kelly


I haven’t known her for a long time – just a few months or so – but I’ve heard of her blog a while before I made contact with her on Linkedin. She’s witty, open-minded and we have the same tastes… only she’s a better writer than me. Fact.


Lyndsey Grima


I’ve known Lyndsey on Facebook for years, but we’ve never met. She is probably the first Maltese blogger I’ve ever started following, and still do. Not only does she post tips, hauls and amazing beauty reviews, but she is also chronicling the biggest step in her life: moving to Glasgow. And I love reading about this new step in life.


Cruelty Free Malta


The only cruelty-free blog hailing from my home country, I’ve started talking to Fiona, the amazing bomb woman behind the blog, over the last few months. She’s probably the nicest (and only blogger) I’ve talked to on a regular basis. I look forward to her next posts in aim to lead a more animal friendly life.


Alexandra Butters

Image result for alexandra butters

Beautiful and equally smart, Alexandra’s blog consists of make-up tips, beauty, lifestyle and reviews. I remember during my first event, I had to make a double take when I saw because I thought I was seeing double (really… don’t judge me please!) and then found out I was a sane person and she actually has an identical twin. By identical, I mean a 100% photocopy of herself.

FacebookInstagram Twitter

Stay tuned for a very special and emotional blog post coming up tomorrow evening!
x x x x x x x x x

Study Routine

Between late April and late June, many of my friends and students will be doing their exams. Some exams are easy, some require more thinking and preparation leading up to the exam. But do not fret, my dear readers, because the genus of studying (not) is coming to your rescue! Please note that while I’m writing this, I’m actually supposed to study for my own exams… so, yeah. Read more if you’re clueless on studying like I was, and want to learn to make your work easier, more colourful/creative and efficient for you.

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It’s OK to…

  • … doubts but still choose to go after what feels right to you.
  • … give up something other people say is really important that is no longer important to you.
  • … love people who are still trying to learn how to love you the way you should be loved.
  • … refuse to worry about tomorrow.
  • … believe even though you can’t explain why and what it is you believe in.
  • … choose inner peace over proving your point.
  • … to completely reinvent yourself.
  • … be confused and patient.
  • … quit doing something that drains your positive energy.
  • … only see the good in other people.
  • … spend the day dreaming.
  • … take time away from the things you “have to do” in order to have more time to yourself.
  • … look at things from a different perspective.
  • … forgive everyone – even those who don’t deserve it.
  • … admit you need to improve things about yourself.
  • … learn by making wrong turns and mistakes.
  • … change your mind.
  • … treat yourself to indulgences from time to time.
  • … take the day off, the month off or even years off.
  • … explain to people exactly how you feel.
  • … not know the answer.
  • … need and seek help.
  • … start over.
  • … desire “Something More” out of life.
  • … be vulnerable.
  • … go through a tough time.
  • … slow down.
  • … search for your purpose.
  • … embrace uncertainty.
  • … take baby steps.
  • … believe anything is possible.
  • … have to figure out who you really are.

#ClaireNotes – April 2017

April has come to a close, which means we get to see what my month was like! Usually, I jot down three goals with hopes to achieve them, or highlight an event that took place, but this month was uneventful apart from two occasions, so instead of three goals I’ll be listing to.

Read along!

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The Skinny on… Stigma

They say to never a judge a book by its cover. And yet, we judge those who look and behave differently from us. By “us” I mean humanity in general. I know many people who don’t judge those different from them.

I am one of them.

Before being clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I was considered a quiet, anti-social outcast with weird tastes in music, books and fashion. I was called weirdo for not interacting with others “normally”. (Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY calling anyone normal. Just generalising…!

What was wrong with this description? The stigma. Since when was being shy associated with being a weirdo? I know shy people who are more “normal” (again, just generalising) than me, and have greater fashion sense than anyone I know. Now I’m not saying all shy people are like this because . . . look at me!

Another myth surrounding depression is that anyone feeling ‘sad’ is said to be depressed. Um, since when?! Everyone gets sad at one point in life, but they are far from depressed in most cases. Imagine this: I was told I was just a ‘sad’ person, then some 11 years later, I was diagnosed. Not all sadness is the same, as much as it isn’t all depression.

If you do think that you have symptoms of depression, please consult your doctor or a psychologist for a proper diagnosis and guidance for recovery.

I can’t believe what I wrote…

It made so much sense in my head, but now, seeing it in writing… I don’t even know what I’m trying to say except to stop stigmatizing mental health.

Yep, that’s the whole point.